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Maximize Your Workout

Our 4800 sq ft gym is dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment and programming. We understand the importance of a clean and well-maintained gym, and our staff is dedicated to keeping our space in top condition. We also encourage proper gym etiquette to ensure everyone feels comfortable and respected. Great members and equipment paired with free basic programming, free incentives, guaranteed placement in USA Powerlifting-hosted events, and an occasional visit from Giles the Bulldog will make this the ideal training environment for you. 

Join us today to experience the difference at Liberty Barbell.



 Equipment for Results

  • 6000+ pounds of York milled weights (PA)

  • Hex DB set 5-100 lbs

  • Pro-style DB's 110 & 120 lbs

  • 459 kg Titex Calibrated plates

  • ER Racks (2) (Denmark)

  • 1068 SF of Turf by Surface Co (WI)

  • Dynamic Power Racks (3) (WI)

  • Dynamic Iconic Reverse Hyper (WI)

  • Dynamic Inverse Leg Curl (WI)

  • Dynamic Pro Deadlift (WI)

  • Dynamic Cable Column (WI)

  • Dynamic Sled (WI)

  • Legend Pro Series Lat Pull/Row

  • Legend Sissy Squat

  • Legend Yessis GHR (TN)

  • Legend Incline Lever Row (TN)

  • Legend Ultimate Preacher Curl (TN)

  • Legend Competition Bench (TN)

  • Keiser Leg Press

  • Keiser Seated Leg Curl

  • Keiser Leg Extention

  • Keiser Seated OHP

  • Keiser Chest Press

  • Keiser Seated Row

  • Keiser Lat Pulldown

  • Keiser Seated Dip

  • Keiser Preacher Curl

  • Keiser Functional Trainer

  • Rogue Deadlift Platforms (3) (OH)

  • Rogue Crash Mats (OH)

  • Rogue Sandbags - 50, 100, 150, 200 & 250 lbs

  • Rogue, Dynamic, & Legend  Adjustable, Flat & Utility Benches (USA)

  • Titan Log Press (Canada)

  • Titan Kettlebells - 16-70 lbs

  • Titan Wagonwheels (Canada)

  • Pit Shark (MI)

  • Precor 800 Series Treadmills (2) (WA)

  • Precor EFX Elliptical (WA)

  • Precor Indoor Cycle - Ride (WA)

  • 10G Gauntlet Stepmill 

  • Concept II Rowers (2) (VT)

  • Torque Tank M4 

  • EFS Dual Core Blaster w/ numerous landmine handles/grips.

  • Eleiko Barbells (3) (Sweden)

  • Titex Barbells (2)

  • Ivanko Barbell (CA)

  • Texas Power Deadlift Bar

  • EFS Safety Squat Bar

  • MARRS Bar

  • Trap Bar (Power Systems)

  • EFS Swiss Bar

  • Spud Inc Accessories (SC)

  • Mag Handles (OH)

  • TKO 3-n-1 Plyobox (Taiwan) 


Made in USA

If you're looking for a gym that loves America, Liberty Barbell & Fitness is where you need to be. More than 95% of our equipment is made in the United States.


Join us at Liberty

 Interested in becoming a part of Liberty Barbell? Shoot us a message to learn more about our membership options and get started today.

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